NOAH’S ARK BOARDWALK FRIES at John’s Pass Clearwater Fl

Noah’s Ark Board Walk Fries at John’s Pass
Madeira Beach, FL, 33708
This Vlog was done using the Kodak Playsport
My Friend Glen Taylor got tired of traveling around the would as a medical sales person this year. He is a fishing captain but he also wanted to open a small eatery here locally. Glen has traveled through out the world has tasted many foods. He loved his childhood though. He wanted this place to have easy fast good food. However he also wanted it a little different.
So when he  decided to open up Noah’s Ark boardwalk fries he wanted to server some things a little different.  He has hotdogs but not just any hot dogs. He gets them from the Carolinas call redhots. He could just service chicken or tuna salad but he opted to have a real “lobster” roll with bread flown in from out of state. The fries are not different. He could have just gotten frozen fries like most of the places there but he opted to start from fresh potatoes, blanch them himself and doubt fry them.
I had a chance to check it out today. Hank and I made the drive over to check it out.  My favorite was the lobster roll. It was refreshing, crispy, and the toasted bun went with it perfectly! If you’re in the area you owe it to yourself to skip the standard hamburger and hot dog and give this a try.
Here is  VLog of today’s event as it went down. Unrehearsed unscripted.