Kayak Road Trip to the East

Well it has been quite sometime that I have done any fishing and a good way to get back into the swing of things was to take a short trip to the East ( Titusville). Their were 4 of us from the HCKAClub on this trip.

As you have read from my earlier post ( by Jose Chavez) entitled “EPiC Tails,” we were in search for those redfish as well. One thing to notice if you have never fished the Banana river, Mosquito lagoon,etc.. is that there is no tidal flow. The water does rise and fall, but it lacks tides. Like my buddy Russ said, ” it feels like a never ending slack tide,” which coming from Tampa you know how fishing is on a slack tide.

At 6am we arrive at the canoe/ kayak launch and we proceed to paddle in search for the schools. A good paddle was anywhere from 1/2 mile up to about 3miles one way. Not too bad considering last year when we did an east coast road to Whales Tail we ended up paddling about 10 miles one way. The water was almost glass calm. It was unfortunate that we didn’t get to see any tailers, but we did see some schools of over slot pigs.

Knowing that these redfish are always under pressure we decided to use cut bait (Mullet).We did bring our arsenal of artificial lures as that is how we fish in Tampa, but from what we knew, these reds weren’t having any plastics in their diet. By the way we got 20lbs of fresh mullet at Mastry’s Tackle Shop for a great price. These Mullet were HUGE!

Long report short, We fished all day Friday and half a day on Saturday. We couldn’t have asked for a more better weather condition. Winds were below 5knots from the east, NE and the sun was blazing!!

We found the schools of redfish and we caught some fish. I wouldn’t say the bite was on fire, but it took some work to get them to bite. The reds weren’t stellar in size as I called them Tampa reds..LOL!, but none the less some good times.

Here are some photos from the trip:



Sun rise


Top water was not happening

In search

Getting ready

The Fish:

Some of the locals..look close. These guys were everywhere!..Let’s just say we waded with caution.

Poor Spook! suffered when a gator figured he would give it a try….