More Thailand Photos June 2010, Unrest in thailand update

June 14th 2010

Since I have been back, every time I tell people I just got back the first thing they ask me was about all the unrest that was prevalent there the past few months. I was there for 10 days and did not see an single incident, saw or heard anything on the news. After a while I ask what was the deal with the “red vs yellow” shirt confict. They tell it is pretty much over with. When the demonstrator got violent last month they all got arrested and the leader surrender. I have to say from what I saw I did not have a reason to not believe them. I mean with the exception of the lack of tourist everything was business as usual.

I was in the northern part of Thailand for a bit as well. The northern part is where the red shirt was more popular and I have to say I did not see anything going on there either. The tourism was not doing well however. The hotel I was at had perhaps 6 guess in the entire place and we’re talking this place had hundreds of rooms. The service was great but there the guest were just not there due to the all the negative news these past few months. Same thing with most of the restaurants, ghost town. If you’re thinking about heading to Thailand it’s probably a good idea to get there before all the crowds return.

More photos I had a chance to edit from Thailand.

They didn’t have any cooked ones else I would’ve a least tried it.

Fresh water tiger prawns

slows shutter.. kinda worked.

While walking the streets at night, I almost stepped on this guy. He held still enough for me to take some photos.

High ISO asĀ  you can see lots of grain.

the HDR, high contrast look. I think it worked will for this shot.

Not the best exposed shot but we were taking the mini bus up the mountain and I thought it was cool.