Chiang Mai Thailand

June 7th 2010

I have been up in Chiang Mai Thailand for the last couple days. It is about 1 hour plane flight or 10 hour drive up from Bangkok.

I saw my father who I have not seen in over 30 years. I have to admit I do not even recognize him. There wasn’t much to say really but I was happy to see him.

The atmosphere up here is totally different. It’s a mountainous area and not as crowded as Bangkok is. There are actually parks and garden areas through out the city. The place is geared towards english speaking people as well. All the signs had english on them as well as Thai. They even had a coupon only food court… btw: the food is not as good as good imho.

The place however is void of many people. They tell me after the red shirt/yellow shirt conflict many of the tourist stopped coming. Chiang Mai, is quiet and peaceful compare to Bangkok. If you want to relax a bit this definitely they place to check out.

Here are some images from the local market here in Chiang Mai.