Thailand Photos update #2

June 6th 2010

The last few days lacked internet access. Since I did not want to deal with contracts and installing software on my computer that I only needed for a couple days I did not get a wi-fi card. The lack of net and phone access has been pretty peaceful these last few days. In a way I miss it but with out I actually could survive.!

Since I still have limited net access I will be brief and to the point and elaborate more when I get back to US grounds

I got a hair cut with a shampoo. The girl that wash my hair did like 4 rinse along with a temple massage. The whole thing with the hair cut was 150 baht = $5.00/us

The cell phone system here is amazing. We visited a local mall there were literally 60 cell phone/phone accessories all in one row right next to each other. There were phones there they does all kinds of stuff. There were phones of all kinds of crazy names I haven’t even heard of over there! The regular phones were cheap but the iphone was super expensive at $800./us for the 16gig version.

I find it strange that electronics like Camera gear is the exact same price and sometimes more than the US prices.

All the houses does not have central air. They have room ac. I’m not talking about window units but 4-6′ wide one room units. I will try to take some photos before I leave.

The humidity here is crazy. It’s not uncommon for me to take 3-4 showers a day. No hot water heater needed the room temperature or water is perfect.

Speaking of humidity, I don’t know what it is but the food here does not spoil as easily as they do in the US. Stuff that is left out does not go back even when it is 90 degrees outside daily.

Today, Sunday, we took a flight up north to Chiangmai. We the hoped on a mini/taxi/truck and drove up the mountain to high temple. I was getting a bit dizzy and actually hung out of it for a little bit which was a bit fun actually.

Here are some more photos I manage to put together. I did not go the tourist route by visiting temples and tourist areas that are frequented by every one. Included are a couple of high contrast edits I thought looks pretty cool.