Thailand 1st update

It’s June 3rd 2010,

I’am sitting at a KFC using the Wi-fi so I can update I have no cell phone or net access so If you tried to get a hold of me that is why I’ve been slow the last couple days.

The flight took 28 hours total to get there including the layovers in NY  and S. Korea. Yes my back was killing me! I must have watched like 5-6 movies on the plane. BTW: NEW MOON sucks!

Since I have been here in Bangkok Thailand, I have no internet access until now and my cell phone does not work unless I pay the crazy roaming fees.

I will try to write some points out because I do not have much time. My battery is dying on the lap top because it’s 220v here instead of 110v like in the states. I have had the chance to get adapters just yet.

Here are some points:

  • It’s Africa Hot and humid here!
  • The food is nothing short of amazing. There are street vendors every where and all kinds of the day and night. This place is like NY the city that don’t sleep.
  • The food is crazy cheap! The exchange rate is 36baht to 1 us dollar. Most meals I have eaten so far is $40 baht.= about $1/us .. .wow!
  • The China town I visited last night was endless! full of street vendors as far as I could see.
  • Down town Bangkok, was full of vendors and tons of college students.
  • Besides some added security there is no trace of the craziness that was going on here last month.
  • I am staying away from most of the tourist stops so if you’re looking for the cliche temple shots.. you might see one or 2 but not many.
  • The massage I got was 2 hours for $6 dollars/us! It was a dude but he knew what he was doing. I felt sore after I left because there were muscles that got stretch I didn’t know I had!
  • Yes I have eaten some bugs since I’ve gotten here, I like said I would. Grasshoppers, meal worms, silk worms, crickets, and some other crazy bug. They were ok. I’m looking forward to trying more. yep, I got photos and videos to prove it! 🙂
  • I have been using the Canon 7d, Nikon D300s, and Kodak Playsport to document this travel.
  • Did I mention its Freakin Africa hot here!

That’s pretty much call I can think of right now. I will try to upload a couple photos here. Hope to find a 220v converter so I can charge my laptop for a better update