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Monthly Archives: June 2010

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Engagement photos for Geoff and Megan


Last Week I was down in Ft. Lauderdale shooting some Engagement photos for Geoff and Megan. It’s my first engagement photoshoot. When I got there they showed me about 10 shots that were in the “must have” category and asked me if I knew how to shoot them. I was pretty confident I could. I am so use to spontaneous shots and shooting action with very little warning and no time to prepare. Setting up shots did not seem that difficult.

We drove to different locations and shot away at whatever light we were given. The day was mostly cloudy so the sunrise shot with the full sun in the background didn’t happen. We got plenty of other good shots though. I have to say it was very very hot out there. It’s one thing when you’re fishing, on the water and every once in a while the boat runs and we get a nice breeze. But on hot balmy days and you walking all over the place sweat was just pouring out of me.

In fishing and outdoor photography I don’t get a chance to do much creative editing. In engagement and wedding photos editing and creativity is encourage. This was pretty refreshing as I could do all kinds of photoshop filters, over exposed on purpose, vignetting, underexposure on purpose. It was fun running the different filters on the photos.

No Saltyshores will not turn into a wedding photography website. I just wanted to post my first shoot here. In the future, I will be working on more of a “portfolio” website to put up non outdoor photos I do there.

I included a Youtube slide show/video and my favorite photo from shoot.

East Coast 2010, Beaver tail Vengeance, Lack of colors

Some images of the east coasting fishing. The tailers were there but they just was not sitcking them up very high that day. Willy, Eddie and I fished out of Eddie’s Beaver tail Vengeance.

Now that I have fished skinny water with it as well as deeper waters, I know more about the  shallow water characteristics of the Beavertail Vengeance. Draft with 3 people, gear, 20 gallons of gas and 50 lbs of camera gear was excellent. I say it drafted about 8″ with all that. Super stable very fishable.  We ran back in 2′ seas  and it took the chop very very well. It landed softly and it was a dry ride for a poling skiff. The boat floated high with out a bunch of squatting.  It did have some hull slap because of the spray rails in the front contacting the waves that were hitting us.

Photo notes: After the sun came out , the skies were grey pretty much all day. There just wasn’t much colors for any pretty pictures. I did some creative editing to make the photos a little more interesting.

3rd Saltyshores Newsletter went out today

June 27th 2010

The 3rd Saltyshores newsletter finally went out today. We skipped May as there just wasn’t enough time in the day to get all caught up on everything.

This month’s title newsletter is Sponsored by and Breathe Like a fish apparel.

The big prize this time is the $89 Tri-Shear by innovative tackle.

If you have not gotten your prize package from the last 2 newsletters it is because I have not a chance to send them. I know I’m crazy late.. but they are all sitting in the garage waiting for me to print out the labels and take them to the post office. I will make it a point to do it this week and I will even document it using my playsport video camera. Sorry about that.

The following winners please contact me with your mailing address and I’ll get your prizes.

  • Keith Howard- Tri Shears
  • Jenn Parker – Gilz (Breathe Like a Fish) MicroFiber
  • John Martin- Sebile Lure
  • Linda Truemper – MirroLure
  • Daniel Nance – Mister Twister Lure( Exude)

Bohemian 17 Skiff, Video of the new skiff hull by Bohemian boats out of Sarasota, Florida

June 27th 2010

One thing about if you have not noticed, I put whatever I feel is cool up. So if anything comes along we think it’s cool and worthy of sharing it goes up. This includes but not limit to, food, lures, boats, clothing etc etc.

I think this concept works because it comes across as a being non bias. Well at least I hope it comes across that way. :)

I do my best to keep creating my own original content. I also do my best not to talk about things I have not personally experience of.

So when Richard told me about this Bohemian skiff down in Sarasota I had to go check it out myself. I took my Koday Playsport, which btw turns out to be an excellent Vlog camera(minus the lack of macro mode), down to the factory this Sunday to check it out. Richard already took some photos so I wanted to get some video to share.

bohemian 17

One of the cooler (from scratch) concept(I say concept because because it hasn’t been built yet) is this new skiff out of Sarasota Florida called Bohemian 17 skiff. It has some very interesting lines, a few new concepts like dampening hull material etc. I look forward to check it out when it’s ready to hit the water.

Some specs:

length is 17’6″

56″ at waterline

max 90hp.

Estimated draft 7″

Expected retail price depending on options etc: 15-25k

Caught in a afternoon thunder storm, Tarpon fishing, Bohemian 17 skiff

June 27th 2010

Today I fishing with Richard and Eric. We saw lots of Tarpon but we couldn’t get any them to eat. By 1030am we took a lunch break at 5 guys burgers(more on this later) We then made the drive down to Sarasota to check out a new revolutionary skiff designer called the Bohemian 17 Skiff. Richard took some photos of this thing earlier last week. I talked the builder and shot a little videos so you guys could see the lines better. I will be putting the clip together tomorrow.

The afternoon I fish with Joe Welborne of Carbon marine and his 2 kids. We jump 3 tarpon but did not landed any. The highlight of the day cam when it was time to go home. I dropped Joe before making the run home. I faced with a massive thunderstorm. I made it across alive but I was definitely scared out there. There were lightning all around me, 4′ seas coming in with winds gusting to 30mph. My Canyon bay did fine in the weather but there’s nothing it can do about the lightning that was all around me. I definitely would not want to be caught in something like that very often . Yikes!

I did carry my Kodak Playsport video camera with me today and got a nice little video clip for you guys to enjoy the storm images.

Since we didn’t land a tarpon today there wasn’t much photo taking to be done.

Lampang, Thailand. I tasted 6 different types of fried bugs, on video. Vlog Thailand part 2

June 25 2010

This is part 2 of the VLOG from Thailand. I shot this on the Kodak Playsport. You can see the white balance going crazy at one point trying to decide between the fluorescent light and the sunlight in the background.

Part 2 is when we flew into Lampang which is northern Thailand. In this region they sell bugs in the market. Some were good, some were ok, some had not taste at all. I must say however my favorites were the flying ants “mang mun” in thai. Most of them did not have much taste the ants were outstanding.

Youtube Link

June Newsletter Update

June 25th 2010

Last month with the trip to Thailand and a bunch of other things happening we never got a chance to get a newsletter out.  However Adrian and I have been working on the June one this week. If  you  are not on the list you might want to join now as we will be sending the newsletter out on Monday.

In this next newsletter  we will be giving away a $89.00 Tri-Shear. Yes the ultimate cutting tool for fishing lines.

It is the same tool I shot a video of a couple months ago.

We will also be giving away a Breathlikeafish micro fiber shirts. This is the cool fishing shirt that with the vents on the side and the built in sun mask.

Breathe like a fish apparel along with Wanganchor are this month’s newsletter sponsors.  We will be giving away an $80.00 wanganchor next month!

Not to mention some more Sebile, Mirrourlure, and mister twister lures.

Join the newsletter here.

If you want to see what the news letter looks like here are the past 2:

March newsletter

April Newsletters

Here is the clip of the TRi-Shear I did a couple months ago. Awesome tool!

D.O.A Tournament Experience

D.O.A. Tournament

By Jose Chavez

Its 1:45 a.m. and I still have not had a minute of sleep. I sat at my desk wide awake recollecting the countless stories of gargantuan trout, monster snook and elusive redfish shared by my friends while fishing the DOA tournament. Considering that I was supposed to wake up at 2a.m. I decided to forgo a succinct nap and started moving my bags and equipment to the driveway to wait for Peter to pick me up. I was excited that in 4 hours I would try my luck in the great fishery I have heard about ever since I started kayak fishing in 2008.

Peter arrived right on time; we loaded the gear and were on our way. Peter claims that I was asleep before we left my neighborhood. After what felt like an hour nap, I was awakened by the halt of the car. Mud creek was the location we were fishing on the first day.

As soon as the doors opened we were greeted by a cloud of the resident mosquitoes which thought deet was a condiment. Fortunately they were not immune to a thermacell. John Lee and Mark Couch pulled into the parking lot. Mark opted to stay and guard the car (for Mark this means take a nap)

We put our kayaks in the water and started working our way out of a cove and along the mangrove line. There was a lot of action in the water. I could hear baits being crashed under the mangroves. After a couple of casts I found out that the commotion was being caused by a school of small jacks. We kept paddling on and ran into a couple rolling tarpon. A few casts were made but they were not interested. We paddled a couple miles without success other than a few small trout. The water quality was very poor and despite there being bait and mullet everywhere, after a few hours we decided to start working our way back.

As we drifted back to the car we came across a patch of clear water with deep potholes. A couple casts in the potholes resulted a trout a hair under 28 inches. That was the only decent fish I caught all day; a couple hours later we decided to leave and swing by the beach to check out a launch we had heard about. Peter and I were both interested in doing some fishing off the beach if the weather cooperated.

After a brief inspection we decided to give it a go ahead in the morning. We drove to the Palm River Lodge in Jensen Beach. We decided to stay at the lodge because it would be the venue for the captains meeting and weigh-in for the tournament. I have to say I was very impressed with the facility. The pool was definitely the highlight of the evening. It was nice to relax in the pool and sip on a beer and hang out with the crew. After the pool we went to grab some pizza at a local shop which ended up being a regular stop on the way back from fishing for the next couple of days.

Headed to the beach

On the way back we stopped at this tackle shop to get some info on fishing the beach. They were very helpful.

I don’t know if it was because I was really hungry but this place made some great pizza.

We woke up early Friday morning; Mark and John decided to fish locally inshore while Peter and I headed to the beach. We were greeted by a beautiful sunrise. The surf was rougher than the previous afternoon but we still decided to stick with the plan. Unfortunately it was a slow day of fishing. There were half a dozen boats on the water and we only saw one of them catch a small permit. As we moved back to the launch we noticed that the surf was rougher then what we are used to seeing on the west coast of Florida. Peter went in first and decided to walk his kayak in. I stored all my gear in the hatch of my Emotion Grand Slam and headed in. Peter radioed that the surf wasn’t as bad as it seemed so I decided to ride the waves in. I waited for a couple minutes for a lull in the surf. I saw an opening and I made my way in.

Enjoying the sunrise at the beach

After loading all our gear up on the trailer, we made our way back the lodge in Jensen Beach for the Captains Meeting. After a quick stop at the pizza joint and a dip in the pool we walked to the pavilion where Mark Nichols went over the rules. After the captains meeting, I definitely got a clear feel for the tournament. This is an event that’s sole purpose is for the participants to have fun. Mark did something that I have never heard before at a tournament, he asked the participants what they thought and was open to suggestions. I thought this was very cool.

Norm apparently forgot his rods in Tampa so his good friends were nice enough to present him with some tackle during the captain’s meeting so he would have a rod to fish the tournament with.

People came from all over the place to fish the tournament. This guy drove down from Illinois by himself; I think it was worth the drive because he caught a 40″ snook that morning.

After the brief meeting and inspection of the lures provided everyone headed back to their rooms to start rigging the rods.

John Lee showed had a great idea of cutting the pinch weight in half, attaching it to the front of the hook to create a weighted weedless hook.

Can you spot Mark? He blended in perfectly with the wall.

We woke up early the next morning and were on our way to try our luck at a different location then what we prefished. I went over the pointers that John, Mark, and Peter shared with me the night before as I paddled along to the mangrove line I planned to fish. After a couple casts I was hooked up to a monster snook. I never got a really good look at her other than a football sized head swooshing back and forth before she made a long run. After 30 seconds it was over, the line went limp. I reeled in my line only to find that she had worn through my 30 lb leader. I retied and kept moving on. The rest of the day proved to be extremely slow. I couldn’t even catch a trout. I saw some docks in the distance and decided to make the long paddle over to see if I could find any fish willing to cooperate.

Mark is well known for his naps on the water and the fact that he was fishing a tournament was not a big enough reason to stop a tradition of many years.

Here is John trying to sneak up on Mark to scare him, but unfortunately Mark heard him approaching and was awake before John got close enough to make his move.

I started working the docks without avail. As I kept moving on I spotted a push of water that appeared to be redfish. It only took one cast to confirm my suspicions resulting in a little redfish. I decided to make a few more casts to see if I could upgrade. A few casts later I had boated 3 more redfish all 18-19 inches. It was apparent that they were all the same size so I moved on.

I fished the rest of the day without any luck. Time had run out and it was time to go back to the weigh in. After stopping at the pizza joint and a dip in the pool, back to the pavilion we went to find that the raffle had already started.

We even saw a wedding proposal at the captains meeting! Fortunately she said yes! My wife would have killed me if I had proposed to her at a fishing tournament.

Mark then announced the winners, and it was obvious that it was a slow day of fishing with only one slam turned in.

After the winners were announced and pictures had been taken, Mark Nichols made an announcement.

With an embarrassed young man by his side, he proceeded to tell Ken Taylor that 3rd place was being revoked from him because the young man at his side had been misinformed of the rules by one of the DOA staff and he had not turned in his over-slot fish because he was told that it was slot fish only.

More pictures were taken and everyone moved on.

After a brief nap I met up with a few of the guys. Jeff Harrell of and I made plans to hit the dock of the lodge. He managed to pull a nice trout from the lights.

It was a great event that I definitely plan in participating in next year

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