Thailand Travels coming up, Bizzare foods perhaps

May 30th 2010:

The last few days I have not done much on the water. It has been beautiful outside so it isn’t the weather. The main reason is that I’m getting ready for a trip to the country of Thailand. Not sure if many of you know but I’m originally from Thailand.(yeah that explains why my spelling grammar is so bad…lol) I have been over in the states for over 30 years so I have zero accent. I have forgotten how to speak, read and write Thai as I was a kid when I came over.  I do understand some but for the most I’m pretty much Americanized these days.

I will be there for a few days to visit my mother and get some paper work done that can only be done there. I haven’t been back in 30 years so it is going to be a pain. The flight over with all the delays is between 24-30 hours! I am not looking forward to the flight at all. Thailand is half way around the world so it is quite understandable but still it is going to be a major pain.</p> <p>I will be  bringing over video camera gear of course. If have time I hope to partake in some off the beaten path foods and cultural travels mixed in. Kind of like the <a href=” />Anthony Bordain’s show “No Reservations”.  Or Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre foods. I want to do to those farmer’s market and eat the insects, fermented fish, you know all the weird stuff you will never find over here.

With me I will have my Kodak Playsport camera to do a mini Vlog of the travels. So all is not lost for while I travel. I should get some really cool images from half way around the world for you.