Boca Grand Pass, Hammer Head Shark

May 28th 2010

Yesterday I made the drive back from the keys. It was a beautiful morning with no clouds and no wind. Yes a very rare day in the Keys. Regardless it was time to go home.

I stopped by Don’s Bait and tackle to chat with Ashley a bit and he tells me he was glad to see things finally picking up, but was a bit worried about the BP oil spill that was in the gulf.

By the the time I got to the west coast I was already thinking fishing plans. I stopped by Boga Grand with some friends for the crab flush tonight. Although the bite was crazy slow for a full moon of June tides I did get a cool image of a tarpon getting eaten by a large hammer head shark.

Keys Sunrise, I had to get out of the truck to shoot this awesome sunrise. I had been driving since 6am and needed to stretch my legs anyways.

They were filming a TV show with Cody Chivas and Joe Mercurio of the PTTS. This hammer head decided to ruin the party.

Another end of the day in Boca Grand Pass. Sun setting with no clouds in the sky.

The Smallest Boat in the pass.  I don’t think I ever saw him hooked up. With the swift current not sure what he would have done if he did hook up.