Tarpon on fly shoot finally for the SWE 2011 season

May 26th 2011

Today we were up bright and early at the docks. Today we were going to shoot fly fishing for Tarpon in the keys. The Tarpon season this year down here has been awesome. The weather is right and the time of year is right for the show to be done.

Good Saltwater Fly fishing show tend to be pretty thin these days. Not because no one wants to shoot it, it is just the lack of sponsorship money in the arena. It takes a bunch of effort to get off a good saltwater fly fishing show. They are awesome if they come out good and the guys definitely did this shoot more than justice. If they got the footage I think they got, this can probably will be one of the best show they have done.

Just from the perspective and visuals that was shot out there. The lighting was excellent most of the day, the fish were big, they got all the eats and jumps. It should be an awesome show.

I can say Tom broke in my Nautilus NV 10-11 wt pretty darn good today.