Several milestones crossed and the heart of Tarpon Season…

I had only accomplished my first tarpon on fly back in 2006 and my first bonefish on fly shortly afterwards but the determination to continue pursuing these two fish have made them my 2 all time favorite flats species to target. 

I had a chance to be involved in this same type of acheivement with three truley dedicated anglers dedicated anglers in the last few days.  I was able to put Jason Sullivan on his first bonefish on fly, I put Jeremy on his first bonefish, I caught the first big tarpon on Jeremys 18 HPX-V, and on the most recent outing; I guided Charles Foschini to his first big tarpon on fly.  I am struggling to tie enough flies to keep this fly box stocked with the right stuff but with the supply depleating faster then restocking, I may be putting a call to Peter Smith at SSFlies this week to place an order for a bunch of flies.

This is certainly the best time of year period as sight fishing just couldn’t be better.  Catching fish and keeping tallys only comes second to creating more memories on the water, but I am happy to realize that I have been lucky thus far and truley blessed to have caught tarpon on each dedicated tarpon outing this season, be it in the Keys, Pine Island, or Sarasota.  We’ve spent days on the water facing two opposite ends of the weather spectrum in the last few days from 25 to 30kt Northeasters to slick calm windless days when you are trying to pole the boat faster just to create enough of a breeze that is somewhat cooler then seemingly stagnant air that surrounds.   Each different condition dictates the path my HPX Mirage decides to travel and the different configuration of feathers the fish will eat (or not eat).  This skiff has seen conditions on 2 opposite spectrums from a nasty rolling ocean chop constantly breaking over the bow, to still backcountry basins, to sitting in line waiting for the giant strings of big tarpon to flow through for a shot… come these next couple of months, it will see many many more.

Flip = Game Over

It has certainly been an incredible Spring/Summer thus far.  Memorial day weekend is upon us and I will be in the Keys shooting photos on the camera boat with the Saltwater Experience crew and possibly sneaking out for a late afternoon of poonin.  There will be lots in stored for June and many different destinations… stay tuned for more of the good stuff…