Took the Canyon Bay 2270 offshore, Guy Harvey Shark tournament finals


This week was a very busy. Had some non fishing/outdoor related shoot earlier on the week. One was for a Maxim magazine model, the other was a bio tech company. Boring stuff so you probably don’t want to hear about it. You gotta do what you gotta do.

The rest of the week was spent looking for more video footage of tarpon eats. I didn’t get much on the big fish but did get a couple small tarpon to eat really good.

One of the reason I got a bay boat(Cayonbay 2270) was to be more versatile in the summer time.  Summer time is when there’s plenty of bait and the weather is calm enough to run offshore in a bay boat. That is exactly what I did one day last week. It was 1′ or less seas, we ran out 20 miles to a public number I had on a chart I bought that day at the marina and found some nice 3-5lb mangrove snappers and juvi aj. We chummed them up to the surface and was catching them on 15lb braid and 15-20lb test leaders. It was a blast sight casting these guys. I was too lazy to break out my fly rod but should have as it was flat calm out there and fish were 15′ away from the boat.

On the way back we ran into a pod of black fin tunas. I cast a Sebile Flat Shad into the mix and got a hook up right away but he came  unbutton.  I backed off my drag a bit and got hooked up yet again on the next cast. It took a while to bring the black fin in with the light drag thinking the hook might pull. The plan changed quickly once I saw big shark after him. I immediately open up the bail and let the tuna escaped then tighten the drag down and hauled him in. He weigh in at about 12-15lbs.

After the long day on the water the next 2 days was spent filming for the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge. The weather was awesome and there were some nice fish caught. In the 2 day tournament the winner took home $10,000 in cash for catching 2 hammer heads right in Tampa bay.

Sorry not many photos as I was shooting videos for them most of the time. I did get some great emotions out of the contestants and it should make for some good TV. I am not the editor on this job so once they are done with it I share with you guys the finish video.

If you think you can catch a shark that is longer that 5′ you should think about fishing this tournament next year. There was on 9 teams and the check was 10k. I’ve seen redfish tournaments with 100 teams and the highest cash prizes(besides 1st place for a boat) was like 3k, makes no sense really.

I got a chance to ride in the new Andros 32 as the camera boat for the 2 days I was down filming. The boat is pretty darn nice ride. Excellent fit and finish and screams with twin Verados. The semi custom boat I was on had 64.. yes 64 rod holders! If I have time I will go do a short film clip walk through of all the rod holders. I might have a phone picture I took.

Cabbage Key Blooms


Mangrove snappers

Black Fin Tuna on the Sebile Flat Shad

Guy Harvey Shark  Tournament

Tagging and swiming with a bull shark

Location X flies.. I was told.