Tarpon Hunting down in Pine island Florida with Capt. Joe Harley

May 19th 2010

Today I got up at 3:15am…. crazy !@$!@ hours. I had set my alarm for 4am but for whatever reason I was up early. I was to make the drive down south to fish with Capt. Joe Harley and h is client
Dave. Dave is 75 years old but man the guy’s in better shape and I am!

After a short run in Joe’s home made skiff, we got into the small tarpon early. As a matter of fact it was on fire for the first hour. Three cast came up with 3 tarpon and we landed all 3 of them. We the moved off to find the bigger fish. We did not have any problems finding them that is for sure as it was slick calm out there. The only problem is they did not want anything to do with us! After 2 hours of changing flies and what seem like throwing at 50 big laid up, daisy chaining, cruising tarpon we gave up and called it day.

The eats we did get was cool on top water flies. I got some really cool eats on video as they exploded on the popper fly Dave was throwing. I am compiling eat footage for the my entry into the Drake Fly fishing film tour for 2011. The past month or so the fishing has really turned for us. This is shaping up to be a good tarpon season so far.

Since I’ve been up at since 3am and fading fast.

Here are a few photos I shot today but for the most part I was shooting video.