Beaver Tail Vengeance Skiff first impression mini review

May 13th 2010

Besides camera questions, I get asked about boats and skiffs quite often. If I have never been in one I tell them so. There are many internet superheros that will give you an opinion on anything and everything.   I do my best to hold judgment until I have actually ridden in the boat or use the product. I have never been on BT Vengeance until today.

Today I fished a friend of mine that had just got his new skiff, the Beaver Tail Vengeance.  Beaver tail has had some controversy in the skiff arena for a couple years but that’s all water under the bridge. I just want to talk about their new skiff the Vengeance.  I’ve looked at them at shows and such but I’ve never been in one.

I’m no boat expert, I’m not a boat builder, I’m not composite guru. I can not tell  you about the history of every skiff ever built. I can not tell you how every component has been put together and by whom. I’m just a fisherman that’s been in lots of boat. Heck, I  haven’t even been in every single skiff ever built either. Now that we got that out of the way.

My first impression, the 18′ skiff was that it had a pretty nice lines. A classic sharp entry and flowing wide spray rails gives the boat the classic modern skiff look. In the back, resides a  pocket. This injects more H2O into the prop so the boat can run shallow if needs to.

For a skiff, the boat handles the chop that was given to us today pretty well. As far as riding  quality and handling the seas, it did quite well.  The boat was very dry, the spray rails did it’s job nicely.  Quartering seas we did get spray every now and then but I haven’t been in a skiff yet that we NEVER got sprayed on quartering seas when it’s blow 15 mph, tabs or no tabs.

Getting up on plane with the 90hp Etec was quick and easy with very little squatting. We did not have a gps on board today so I could not tell you the speed.

Storage has ample and surprisingly dry. The live wells was plenty large, efficiently oval for better bait holding capacity. Stability was excellent as well. We were fishing 2 foot rollers on the bridge and the boat did fine for a skiff.

There are a couple things I didn’t really care much for. Rod storage is kind of cramp. The aesthetics of the platform could be better.

Since we were after Tarpon today and we were fishing deeper water I never got a chance to check poling or draft. Hope to get a chance to do so when I fish on it again soon.

The boat has lots of built in amenities that for many skiff manufactures are extra add on that can bring the price way up.

From what I was told the boat can be had for under 30k depending on your build. That’s pretty good compare to other 18′  technical poling skiff in this genre.

Oh about the fishing, besides catching some trash fish we ended up getting skunked on the tarpon today. There, that is the truth as well. 🙂