Destin not so pretty Cobia fishing, hook up and misses video

May 12th 2010

While I was up in Destin, Fl last month we got on the cobia bite for a couple days. One of the funniest video(well to us anyways) was this video of all the screw ups and cursing during the heat of battle.

I high lighted one of the more funnier mistakes by zooming in. It was of Rich trying to wrap his hand around the leader of green 40lb cobia trying to sling him into the boat. Of course the 80lb line snapped immediately.

I believe we had 5 eats and only landed 1, yeah pretty bad. After watching the video after wards we all had a good laugh.

I just put a quick clip together to share. No music no editing.

*Warning: Adult Language and lots of tension.*

This was shot with the fish eye lens so I could get the entire action on the boat.

You tube Link