No Tarpon but did squeeze in a trip this weekend, Vero Back country, Smith Sunglasses

May 10th 2010

This mother’s day weekend I had a shoot in Fort Pierce, Fl.  So not much fishing for  me.  I did not get to go fishing over there but it was a very productive trip.

After the shoot I had some time and stopped by Vero Back Country to chat with Eric.  Even though I’ve heard a  lot about the store, I  have never been over there during business hours to check it out. I have to say I was pretty impressed with inventory. Awesome store! They  have tons of inventory, lots of high tech clothing, high end inshore, offshore, and lots of fly gear. They have so much fly tying material(from the floor to the ceiling) you have to have a ladder to get to them.  If you ever in the area, if you’re like me a gear head, it is one of those places you need to at least check out.

Polarized sunglasses is probably at the top any respectable fisherman’s must have list.  When I was Tarpon fishing, with my buddy Colby Hane last week, he was seeing fish way before I was.  I thought I was just getting old but it turned out he had a bunch of help with his Smith Glasses. Since I had the high end 580’s on, I thought he was just full of BS.  I was convinced when I tried his glasses on at the end of the day.  The contrast was incredible, I could definitely see the fish shadows much better.

When I was at Vero Back Country I noticed they had a nice selection. I quickly called Colby up on the phone and got the lens he was wearing. The frame that fit me was the Smith Riverside, the lens were the “Polychormatic” (changes during light conditions, very important when clouds comes and go) in Amber or Copper.  With a life time warranty, spring latches,  and a real glass optics, they are built very very nice. I hope to see fish for along time to come.

Sunday I did manage to get in a trip with my friend Hank in his Pathfinder 22. It was pretty choppy out there  and overcast while we were out there. We gave up on looking for tarpon early and got a nice redfish and a flounder on a spoon with a steel leader on it, of all things.  When all the jet skis started to come out we decided to head in. The most annoying part of the day however was when we got 5 minutes from home,  the sun came out and the winds died down. How does that happen!@$!@$!@$?.  Some times mother nature just throw those curve balls I tell ya!