Tarpon Fly fishing in Tampa

May 7th 2010

Today, I since it was yet another gorgeous day, I made plans to head offshore again while I still can. I say that because there are lots of bad news right now about the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. Some say it is the beginning of the end, some say it will be fine. I’m no politician, I’m no scientist, I’m not the smartest cat around and I don’t know everything. I do not know what the future holds, all I know is that the fishing is good right now as long as the weather holds. So get out there when you can, the end might be near.(sarcastically)

I digressed. My offshore plans got canceled late last night so I was a bit bummed out. It was too late to call anyone so I figured I would just catch up on things on this awesomely(is that a word?) gorgeous day. Well I gave my buddy Colby a ring and he said I was welcome to join him to look for some Tarpon this morning and I was all over it. All we were to take this day was a fly rod and some cameras. No bait, no spin tackle. Hero or zero.

The fish wasn’t plenty by any means but the ones that  were there, did eat the fly very very well. We had 4 eats and landed one. I shot video for the most of the day but did manage to shoot off some decent still shots as well. I call it and excellent day.

Speaking of Tarpon stills. This was my very first time I got to shoot stills of big Tarpon on fly. I gotta say it is waaaaaaaaaay easier than trying to get a good shot of deep water Tarpon. Deep water tarpon most of the time when they jump, due to the trajectory of the line and you couldn’t see the fish for the most part, I didn’t know where to focus. With shallow water tarpon you can see the fish. You pretty much can predict when he’s going to jump almost 100% of the time. Well you learn something new every day.

These 3 shots came out ok. I wouldn’t say there were awesome, but ok. What could better you say? Well it could have been a tad sharper, the fish could be completely out of the water etc. The best part about these shots are that they are completely full frame. I did not crop nor even rotate the images even. I’m pretty proud of myself for that.. very satisfying. 🙂