Good Eats: Siam Gardens Thai Restaurant by Mike Torregrossa


Let me start this off by saying that I’m not an expert on food nor do I pretend to be.  I smoke, dip, and drink often so my palate might not be in top shape or agree with some.  Also, I will not be reviewing restaurants by any means.  This will be more like a restaurant recommendation blog. Who wants to hear about crappy restaurants? It’s a waste of time and I don’t want to affiliate Saltyshores or myself with any negative vibes.  My goal is to help people experience some unique dinning that they would not have normally had a chance to visit.  Also, I am not and will not have any association to the restaurants I recommend.  If you have a restaurant that you would like to share or you have questions or comments you can email me @

Siam Gardens Thai Restaurant

My good friend, and neighbor for a good bit of my life, is from Laos, and I was lucky enough to experience some of his mom’s home cooking growing up.  If you have never tried Loa food you are missing out. The food is full of flavor and is some of the best cuisine I have ever had.  Its simple food with many great flavors built on the freshest ingredients.  In my quest to duplicate my childhood memories for Lao food I have not been able to locate a Loa restaurant anywhere.  From what I have been told and experienced, Thai food is similar to Lao food, and there are many Thai restaurants available.  After weeding out the average run of the mill restaurants, I came across Siam Garden Thai Restaurant located in St.  Petersburg, Florida.

I have been dining there for the last 8 years and have loved ever dish I have tried.  The wait staff and the cooks are top notch and you can tell they put 100% into the restaurant.  You can’t go wrong starting off the meal with some spring rolls, papaya salad, and nam sob.

All the dishes are delicious. A couple of the best that I have tried are Garlic Chicken and Grouper Cheeks. Ultimately, I would recommend just going with whatever you are in the mood for. You can’t go wrong at this place.

Going there as often as I have, you get to know people and become friends.  The owner knows that I love to fish and suggested to me that the next time I catch a fish to bring it in and let them do their magic.  I have not looked back ever since. I don’t even think about cooking fish anymore.  I just clean and bring it to them.  Here is the deal if you want them to cook it up for you -make sure it’s cleaned and all the bones are removed.  Bring it to the side door located on the north side of the restaurant and tell the cooks how you want them to prepare it.  It may seem strange at first but believe me it’s worth the effort.

For me, if it’s a smaller fish such as a Flounder or mangrove Snapper, I just have them deep fry the whole fish or steam it.  Once you get over the appearance you will experience the best way to eat fish.  The skin gets so crispy and the meat absorbs all the spices and sauces.  I enjoy the deep fried fish served with a Thai Chili sauce and steamed with cilantro, lime juice, and hot Thai peppers.  It’s spicy but don’t worry you can chase it down with a Singha or a Beer Lao.  It’s cost eight dollars to have the whole fish fried.

For larger fish such as grouper I like to have them prepared as a meal.  First, they start off with a soup.

Then they follow it up with fish fingers served with a sweet/spicy sauce.

And for the main course they will fry serving size portions with your choice of sauce served with vegetables and Jasmine rice.

It don’t get better than that, fresh fish you caught prepared Thai style.  Its eight dollars a person to have them make the meal.  So if you’re ever in the mood for some great Thai food or you want your fish cooked for you give Siam Garden Thai a try.  You will not be disappointed.

PRICE: Affordable

DRESS:  Causal


ADDRESS: 3125 MLK Street N. St. Petersburg Florida 33704

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