20 knots wind fishing with Lane in the Canyon Bay 2270

May 4th 2010

Today, Lane, a friend of mine came in from out town. He’s been in Colorado the past year and wanted to get out and do some Florida Fishing. This was great,  but the only problem is it has been blowing 20knots for like the last 3 days and today was no exception. Now that I have a bay boat now though, it made things a little easier.

He wanted to get on Tarpon but with this wind, it makes for rolling fish next to impossible to find. The one good thing about today was that we had lots of sun for sight fishing. We had to pick and choose where we fish as many place, the water was all stirred up. We did come to a location where the bait was plenty but instead of tarpon we found red fish.

Since I left all my red fish soft plastics at home the only lure we had on the boat to use was Pompano jigs. Low and behold if that didn’t work. We got a nice over slot red fish on one of the yellow pompano jig. After some photos we did eventually saw a few of the targeted fish but they didn’t want anything to do with us.

Dejected we moved on but never did get any other shots at fish. With the winds still in our face at 20knots and the fish vanishing, the boat ramp was calling our name. We packed it in and called it a nice sunny but windy day on the water. It could have been worst.

A couple years a go I wasn’t a big believer in bay boats. I was thinking they were too big, and sight fishing fish was impossible. However after hanging out with the Saltwater Experience guys a few times and all the dang fish they were catching out of those Yellowfin bay boats that I thought was only possible in poling skiffs,  I have changed my mind.

A perfect example was today, due to the nasty conditions, today was fish able only because I had my CB bay boat. Otherwise I would’ve suggested we just go grab some wings and beer. 🙂