A Sun-lit windless day… A few photos by David McCleaf

It is miraculous what one can accomplish when all conditions line up and winds decide to give you a break.  I got to experience a day of fishing under a sun lit sky with not a drop of wind this past week.  These are days when memories are made, fish are especially alert, and one’s sanity is challenged.  Having been blessed with so much potential on such a day, how could one not take advantage of the great resource that surrounds us in the Florida Keys?  Arming ourselves with nothing but feathers and fly rods, I pointed the nose of my Maverick Mirage skiff towards a couple of different destinations with a mission in mind.  David McCleaf, Jeremy, and I had begun our first journey of the year chasing two of my all time favorite gamefish… The King and the Silver Knight, both clad in shining scaled armor with an appetite that would rival that of the obese kings of medeival time.  Needless to say Poons were chewing and bones were plowing on this very day.  It was a Guide’s day off basically handed to us on a silver platter.  To call this day Epic would be an understatement.  Perhaps some photos from this very day could help in animating these words.

Some less then perfect conditions were just around the horizon and I sat at home that evening reminiscing on this perfect day, preparing mentally for what challenges lie ahead.  Wind, clouds, big seas, and all of Poseidon’s fury faced us the following days.  I did sneak off one of those days… but that will be another story left for a soon but later date. 

Photos courtesy of David McCleaf:

Stay tuned guys and gals… there are lots more to come…