Ultimate Shark Challenge this past weekend


The past couple days I was down in Punta Gorda at the Burnt Store Marina shooting some video for the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge. The last two days down there were blowing 20mph plus every day. This prevented   people from heading offshore to go for the Mako and Tigers. They were pretty much limited to the inshore sharks like black tips, bull sharks, and hammer heads.

With the water all stirred, even with the massive amount of chum that was involved the shark fishing was slow. There were lots of small guys being caught but not many tournament legal. The sharks had to be five feet or more to count. There were 5 teams that moved to the next finals for fish for the grand prize of $10,000.00  later this month.

The largest fish caught was a 8 foot 4 inches bullshark. He was tagged and released my the scientist in Boca Grande Pass Saturday. The fish was caught but Captain Bucky with a live sting ray.

I was out there for the past two days filming and interviewing the contestants. Man, it was hot out there. If it wasn’t for the 20mph winds cooling us down it would have been torture. I did manage a couple shots but for the most part I was shooting the videos.

My first self included shot. Man that 10mm fish eye is wide. Photo note: Slow shutter speed using the rear flash mode gives that funky blurry look.

Of course we needed the group photos of the contestants.