Photography Class and how to, 2nd Saltyshores Newsletter, Camo Apparel is here

For those of you who does not get the SS newsletter emailed out a couple weeks ago, Here is the 2nd Saltyshores Newsletter. There has been more open emails and interest in the 2nd newsletter sent out than there were on the entire list of the first SS newsletter.

You got the some exclusive content and some free goodies.

Speaking of free goodies. Those of you that are listed as being winners of free goodies need to email me your address so I can send them off to you. I have gotten a couple but not all of them. Here is the list.

Saltyshores apparel news:


I finally got in stock more Saltyshores Micro Fibers. I’ve been getting some emails and other inquiries about getting some apparel but just haven’t had much time lately. They did come in last week, I got them in the Blue, Olive and the new Camouflage in the X-dri micro fibers. I will be working on the order page and photos this week.

Photography Class:


Today I will be busy heading to Kinko’s and Office depot. I am be doing a three hours Photography Class down in Venice, Fl. 6pm to 9pm. It is a beginner course. Not a “how to turn your camera on” stuff but how to get better photos from what you have.

I get lots of emails about what cameras bodies and lens I use. Many people go out and spend the $500 to $2000 to get all the fancy equipment but the photos are still not as good as they would like it to be. Many times it’s not about the equipment, it’s about how to use your equipment. I will be showing the people how to improve your photography drastically just by changing lighting angles, when to use a flash, composition and taking advantage of the current lighting.(yes it’s all about the lighting)

I will add a couple hands on, how to as well. How to do lightning photos, firework photos, motion blur, action shots etc.

Here’s one of the example.  Unedited straight from the camera. Shot on a Pentax Optio Point and shoot Camera. I wanted to use a point and shoot just to show that it can be done on less expensive cameras. (Thanks to my friend Hank for being my test dummy model.)   🙂

The problem: This is what happens most to of the time, when people try to get a subject with the sunset. Dark Silhouette of the person.

The Fix: just by changing the angles and isolating the subject making the sky the back ground the photos is more interesting. Plus by using the flash you light up the subject to equal the background lighting.