Finally Sprung + 18 HPX-V prop test + Loop Pushpole

This has got to be the most exciting and anxious time of year for most of us anglers who love to sight fish on a flyrod, crab, lure, or whatever.  The warm weather starts to settle in and the sight fishing all over Florida begins to yeild epic days on the water.  For those of us in the upper Florida Keys, the possibilities of the ultimate grand slam… fishing for bonefish, tarpon, and permit in a single day becomes an easier reality. 

Jeremy and I have been running his new Maverick 18 HPX-V with the 21 Pitch Powertech 3 blade PTR prop.  Compared to the 20 pitch 4 blade we were running before, this 3 blade had much more bow lift, better top end, better fuel economy, and made the boat perform like a whole different machine.  The only thing sacraficed here was the ability for tight cornering at higher speeds… which isn’t much of an issue considering that this boat is meant for crossing big water in the Keys.  We are going to subject the boat to further testing but so far the results are amazing.  The concept applied to my 17 HPX-V years ago when I switched over from a 4 blade 18 Pitch PTR prop to a 3 blade 19 pitch PTR prop.  This hull loves the bow lift and unfortuantely the 4 blade props on this HPX hull make the front end dig when running a big chop.  This is a huge plus if you are planning on crossing those big basins in the Florida Keys.  Give the folks at Powertech Props a call and they can provide you with whatever info you’ll need on these props.  If you need to order one, you can contact your local Maverick Boat dealer or Shallow Water Customs.  

Joe at Carbon Marine delivered a new Carbon Marine/Loop Push Pole for Jeremy’s 18 HPX.  All I can say is this pushpole is SWEEETTT!  It is much stiffer then all the Stiffy poles, lighter then both teh Graphite and Hybrid, and is great for poling deep water as it is not as floaty as my Stiffy Guide.  The best part about this… the warantee that Carbon Marine offers is unparalleled and the price for these push poles is worlds less then the comparible Stiffys.  Loop and Carbon Marine have come together and outdone themselves on this product.  Oh and the Lambda shaped foot is pretty freakin sweet!!

It was a very busy few weeks and I have had very limited days on the water.   Unfortunately, the weather has not cooperated with me at all when I was able to make it out but fortunately, we still caught some fish.   This semester is finally over and it is time to get busy on the pushpole…. and possibly spend some time on the pointy end of the bow if I’m lucky.  Stay tuned guys and gals… this should be an AWESOME Spring and Summer.