Kodak Play Sport, waterproof, 5mp Camera and 1080p HD Video for $150.00

I picked up a nice little point and shoot camera last week. I took  it up to Destin, fl with me to cobia fish and had a chance to test many of the features in a saltwater environment.

It’s the Kodak Play Sport:

Kodak Playsport

It does 720p, 1080p video, 5mp camera, and the best part it’s waterproof to 10′!

Operation is super simple with just one hand. It does not have lots of options basically just turn it on and start taking photos or recording. It takes SD cards which are cheap and available everywhere.

About the size of an iphone it’s small enough to carry around everywhere and the contour of the camera feels pretty nice, not slippery like most camera bodies.

It has a USB port as well as lithium ion batteries so it last quite a while.¬† The latches are spring loaded so it forces you to lock it to keep the body water tight. Some of the older waterproof cameras didn’t have this and lots of them got water inside via operator error.

At about $150.00 for a waterproof still and video camera the Kodak Play Sport is a dream come true for fisherman.
There’s plenty of cameras out there that are waterproof, does hd, etc.. but the Kodak Play Sport, at $150.00 has pretty much all you would want in a water sport camera.

What it don’t have:


Here are some samples of the Play Sports 5mp Camera. I did adjust the contrast and did some cropping.

I shot some video was it as well in mainly 720p at 60fps .. I gotta say I’m impressed for such an inexpensive camera. With the small sensor indoor and low light isn’t the greatest but then again the price is right.

You can get one off of Amazon or they have them in stock at your local Best Buys as well.

Here’s a short clip of the video quality. I shot it in 720p at 60fps. I did not do anything to the video besides just putting the clips together and adding music.

You Tube Link

The photos are pretty good for a $150 point and shoot that’s water proof.