Destin Cobia Fishing, Sunfish, Mola Mola sighting

April 19th 2010

Today I’m up in Destin Florida fishing with some friends. Jay, John, Rich, Tommy, and Phil. Yes the boat was loaded. The first day was a bit slow but today we say thirteen fish cruising the beach in Jay’s tower boat.

The water up here is emerald green, I guess that’s why they call it a the emerald cost. Unfortunately it has been pretty crowded so the water just didn’t show that well.

One of the coolest thing we encounter is was a Sunfish. It was a baby at about 100lbs but usually these things are way off shore so it was treat to see him just a couple hundred yards off the beach. He was curious and friendly. He came right up to the boat and Rich was actually able to grab one for a photo before he took off.

These guys get pretty big.. I think there was one that was caught that weigh over 3500 lbs.!

This one we saw was a baby but I hear they average about 2,000lbs.

Here are a few photos I manage to edit on my laptop. Hopefully it’s not too dark like last time.