2nd Saltyshores Newsletter, Film tour at IGFA april 23rd

April 15th 2010

Happy tax day… I know the words happy and tax should never ever be used in the same sentence!

Just 15minutes ago, we mailed out the 2nd edition of the Saltyshores newsletter. Since it’s first issue last month the number of subscribers has nearly doubled. What’s even cooler is the number of product sponsors has almost doubled as well which is awesome.

In this news letter you guys will get the  password to the Tarpon video, (complete with the eat 20′ from the boat) as well as some exclusive photos from the Bahamas.

We also gave out five more packages of goodies from out sponsor including a brand new $80 Wanganchor (pick up only).

Next month we will be giving out an Easy Net from Castalia outdoors.

If  you did not get your newsletter and think you are on the list, Check your spam filter box. If  it’s not there email me and I will check it for you on my end.



If  you’re into the fly fishing film and missed it the last couple times in Florida you want to check out the VIP showing at the IGFA on the 23rd.

I say VIP because the fly fishing greats will be there like: Flip Pallot, Chico Fernandez, Jose Wejebe.

Of course the world angling guys will be there as well. Will Benson and Dave Teper

The Hellsbay boatworks sponsored even at the IGFA

On Friday night April 23rd Hell’s Bay Boatworks,
The Fly Shop of Miami and ESPN Outdoors will be hosting
a dinner viewing of the Fly Fishing Film Tour at the IGFA.

The event will begin at 6 P.M. with cocktails and appetizers during the silent auction. Visit with other attendees and fishing celebrities including Flip Pallot, Chico Fernandez and Jose Wejebe. Will Benson and Dave Teper, the producers of “High in the Lowlands” one of the featured films, will be in attendance. Watch clips of “Pirates of the Flats” and slides by Pat Ford in the IGFA Theater. At 7:30 we will be serving a dinner of Guy Harvey approved sustainable seafood and showing the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

For more information on the film tour
please visit: www.FlyFishingFilmTour.com