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April 14th 2010

Back when I was fishing these redfish tournaments, one of thing that I keep forgetting on tournament day  is to bring a landing net. Since I fish mainly out of a small boats leaving a big landing net inside the boat was just too cumbersome due to the lack of storage. Besides 99% of my fishing is catch and release so it really don’t matter to me if I landed the fish every single time.

Of course in a tournament it’s a totally different game. You want to land them all. A lost fish next to the boat could mean the difference between being in the money or going home a looser. Bringing a good landing net is almost mandatory to ensure a nice easy drama free as possible fish landing.

While at the Frank Seargent show last month I ran into a company called Castallia Outdoors that had some interesting products. One of which was a net called the Easy Net. It’s a very roomy, foldable net that with a flick of wrist opens right up.

This would have been perfect when I was fishing lots of tournaments. It’s compact, it’s opens really easy, and looks to be made for the saltwater. The price isn’t too bad either. It retails for about $50.00. I have brought the $100 nets made for the bass fisherman that was hard to open and rust pretty fast so $50 is an excellent price point.

It’s perfect for Kayaks as well. I know lots of tournament Kayakers that carries around these big net that just gets in the way and takes up way too much room. Not to mention it acts as  sail when it’s windy out there.

Once the product is folded, it’s about the size of an umbrella. ela ela.. sorry couldn’t resist the Rhianna reference 🙂

I shot a clip a few weeks ago and manage to put a quick edit together this morning.