Bonita Spring Snook fishing and newsletter exclusives

April 13th 2010

Today I was down in Naples fishing with Captain Steve Nagy. Bait was plentiful on the beaches but we did not see any tarpon to speak of. We worked our way inside and got some snooks. I’m glad to see that many snooks did survive the freeze we had a couple months ago. The winds were relentless today blow 15-20 pretty much all day.

Overall the bite was a bit slow but we did manage a few snooks and a couple jacks. I lost a nice 28″ fish near the boat. The bite was short lived but the green and white Clouser minnow seem to did the trick today.

When I got home I showered and attend the Banff Mountain film festival tour at USF. Even though the subjects were cool (one guy biked form Alaska all the way to Chille, it took him 2 years!) I gotta say though, the film quality was not that very well done. I mean they spent all this money and time to travel to these exotic adventure destinations and it looked like everything was shot with a $200 point and shoot. The guys the shot the Drake film festival did waaaaaaay better.

Tomorrow Adrian and I will be working on completing the 2nd Saltyshores Newsletter so it should get out by tomorrow evening or Thursday. Exclusively for the newsletter, besides the Tarpon on fly eat video, there will also be some underwater Bahama bonefish by Adrian Grey.

Now I have to pick 5 names out of the list to get all free goodies in this issue.