Tarpon on Fly Eat release this week to newsletter readers first

April 11th 2010

Remember the video I got with Captain Benny Blanco and Steven Tejera last year. You know the Tarpon in the slick calm waters of Flamingo. We got a 120lb tarpon in 2 feet of water. I put together a teaser in the fall but never showed you guy the eat. Yes shame on me!

Well I got motivated this weekend and put together the complete video. No one has seen this video besides me, not even Benny. Since I needed the exclusive content for the Saltyshores newsletter I decided to release it later this week in the newsletter.  The password to the video will be given out in the newsletter.

He eats 20′ away from the boat  on the surface..  you will love it. 🙂

Yes we landed him and yes he broke the fly rod.

Here is the link to the complete eat video, it has already been uploaded:(again it’s password protected so  you’ll have to wait til  you get your newsletter)

Here is the old teaser video released in the fall of 2009: