Red Fly #3 fly fishing tournament, Canyon Bay Skiff, Canon D10

April 10th 2010

Saturday was a tournament day for me. I have not fished a tournament in a long time but this was one I wanted to fish in. It was local, it was fly only and I would know lots of the guys that would be fishing it. So I figured if anything I’ld have some fun even if we did not catch much.

Tom of Wanganchor was to be my partner today. He was pretty excited, as this would be his madden voyage of the his new Canyon Bay Skiff. A narrow 18′ skiff powered by a 60hp Etec which would be scary fast being so close to the water. I will be doing some photo and video shoot of this skiff soon. This was the first time I had a chance to see Tom’s skiff and we were in a tournament so not much time for photos.

The day started off windy but it would eventually calm down by 1pm. Out of nine teams, for whatever reason, only two teams would catch fish that day. Not that they could not find fish but the fish was not very aggressive  that day.

I am happy to say that fortunately Tom and I were one of the two teams catching fish on fly that day. We took 2nd place and took home a little cash for our troubles.  Congrats to Joe and John of Carbon marine for taking home first place money.

They will have another one in the Fall more than likely October. I am happy to say that will be working  with Captain Jon Bull to make the next one better with more prizes and hopefully more cash as well.

Photo notes: These were taken with Tom’s Canon D10 waterproof point and shoot camera. Not too bad for a point and shoot, I need to test it underwater soon.

Congrats to John and Joe of Carbon Marine for taking home the prize.

Some people have asked about the shirt I was wearing. It’s a Breathelikeafish Camo micro fiber.