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Review by: Curtis Cost Efish’nt³ Wright
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I Hunt Fish Guide ShirtAs everyone knows by now I am the greatest product reviewer of all time. I get calls from interesting folks who have read my reviews and they are now offering me to help get their money out of Africa. That’s fame boys.

As you all know as well, I aint from New York, nor do I care to ever visit such a country. I like my little slice of heaven between I-10 and Ft. Pierce. You know…America. When a friend from New York sends me something and asks me to try it out usually I just laugh and think of the old Pace Picante commercial…NEW YORK CITY?!? The way I figure there is no way any -one from New York could ever understand “our” style of fishing. The sun here is brighter stronger and fiercer than anywhere up north. Right? I mean they wear jackets and parkas and mittens and scarves all year up yonder right?

Sadly mistaken am I. I Hunt Fish has surprised me yet again, albeit not my type of attire for on the flats, but a very well thought out addition to their line. It has been asked for by many and delivered by few. A Microfiber shirt with a built in buff. As with their original line of Microfiber shirts this shirt is light, comfortable and stylish with its natural colors. The buff is sewn into the collar for snag free fit and finish, and surprisingly enough not at all uncomfortable even when not wearing the buff in it’s up right position. A well respected angler in our community commented to me on how this is one of the best shirts he has worn. He says” You know with this shirt and buff built in I do not have to worry about the bottom of the buff riding up and burning my neck between the bottom and collar”. Apparently I don’t think about such things as I like my neck red.

The shirt is as stated above and in another I Hunt Fish review very comfortable, even in the hot Florida sun. Dries quickly and does not interfere with your fishing. With the added buff you are sure to keep those sensitive spots on your neck and face well protected as the buff is the same size as any you would buy off the shelf. This coupled with a hat and good sunglasses you will be protected. I Hunt Fish has seriously thought about sun protection as this shirt is rated at UPF 30+. I guess their milky white skin can’t take the sun like my leathery blotched unprotected skin..

If you find yourself thinking I need something new to try check out IHuntFish.net and order a shirt. Despite it being offered from a New York Yankee, it is the real deal for Florida Flats fishing. The Guide Series shirts come in Blue H2O and Steel colors, and are priced at 45.00 right now. Sizes are Medium to XXL so some of you uh, larger folks can actually wear one. Truthfully Gabe is very passionate about fishing the Florida waters. He makes numerous trips a year just to follow his true passion of being on our water and chasing the many species of game fish that we offer. Gabe does know exactly what we fisherman need to protect ourselves from the harsh Florida sun.

Oh, if you guys order one, can you please let him know I am waiting for a sleeveless model, minus the buff. I do have a reputation to uphold yall.

As with anything, feel free to contact me with any questions Costefishnt@4everwright.com

Their website: Ihuntfish.net

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