G20 Marine Shallow Water Anchor

Review by: Curtis Cost Efish’nt³ Wright
Microskiff.com Pro Staff
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G2O Marine Shallow Water Anchor

Once again I am given an opportunity to try something new. And like a few times before I am quite the skeptic upon first glance. Let’s face it I have a Masters in redneckology, and a Doctorate in hybridization. If it has been thought of in some sort of scientific way, I have thought of a better way. I get an email from a feller who asks if I would like to try out an anchor despite my reviews on other brands. “Sure thing ol’ buddy” I say to him. He gives a brief description and says it is the mail.

Now upon returning from work… yes I have to work a real job as fishing and reviews don’t pay. Yet. I find a box waiting for me. Once I opened it I thought to myself well heck, I guess he wants me to play Batman. It looks like a large version of a grappling hook from the super hero’s utility belt. It is light and despite looking very well made; my mind is already made up. It won’t work. Yup. Didn’t even give G20 a chance, just had it set in my ever so stubborn and hard head that this thing was useless.

Fast forward a few days, I show it off at a local watering hole. Well let’s be honest. I showed it off at an on the water bar to some of my drunk fishing friends. After a few pokes at G20’s handy work between myself and others I went on with my day. I think, I really don’t remember what happened the rest of the day.

My thoughts were I am going to have to carry some chain if I were to use this anchor. It is too light. Despite all of my thoughts I owed G20 a review regardless of my initial thoughts, so me and the boy went out to test a couple of products one day. First up was the anchor I was sure would not work. My first test was to add just a rope. Exactly like the photos show. I stand on a sand bar and toss the anchor in front of me and begin to pull back towards me to see if it will grab. Nope, it drags along the shallow sand bar. Once again I feel as though this will be wasted time. But alas, I have to try the product in as many ways as possible to be fair.

I head out to about 6-8” of water and with a 10-15mph wind I tell the boy here is the test that will put all to bed and we can move on. Again I throw the anchor into the wind and clip off on the bow eye. Nearly instantly the boat stops abruptly. Fluke I say, as we are on a coarse sand bar/ flat. The real test will be to head to a nice white sand patch with no grass or mud and let’s see if it will catch. After moving I yet again threw into the wind, and as quick as the anchor hits bottom the boat comes to a stop.

We tried various bottom types including oysters and every time the anchor would catch. Now I am giving G20 an A+ on the design and ability to grab on most bottoms in my area, however there are many bottom types in the state of Florida, and all of my tests were done in 5’ or less of water. The weight of the anchor too is a big plus to weight conscious boaters and it really doesn’t take up a lot of space. I apologize as I did not take measurements of all of my claims but trust when I say this is a cool little anchor. It will be residing on my boat for good now.

Now according to Greg they make larger sizes than the one I have, and you can get them powder coated as well. A few of you would benefit from this as I know pink is ya’lls color. Mine would run you about 55.00 as is and if you want to know more info please give Greg a call or drop him a line. Greg@g2omarine.com

727 505 4709.I will truthfully say, I am not the smartest bulb in the box, so I tried to climb a wall with it. Despite wearing a cape I fell and hurt myself. Not because the anchor broke but because I tried to fly over to another ledge. I called Greg and complained that the anchor did not make me any more super than I already was. He asked me to quit calling and that I had voided the warranty for trying such a stupid stunt.

As always, contact me with any questions Costefishnt@4everwright.com

Anybody want to buy a cape? Used, and slightly stained.

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