Quick tip if your’e going to fish keys this weekend, new Newsletter Sponsors, Ihuntfish.net, team marine usa

April 9th 2010

The fishing in the keys is heating up this week. Even with the 20knots we had to deal with the fishing was excellent.

If you are fishing bait do yourself a big favor and stop at Don’s Bait and Tackle(Homestead on the way down) to get the shrimp and crabs. The keys are sold out 80% of the time or does not have right size. Not to mention the price is much higher down there. I put a bag of ice in the live well to cool down the water and the bait will last longer. Use an aerator if you have one.

Newsletter News

The Saltyshores newsletter has nearly doubled since the first issue only a couple weeks a go.

We are working on the next Saltyshores newsletter that is due out by the end of the week next week. This next issue will have exclusive content that will be only be seen by newsletter people.

I’m happy to say we added  two more newsletter product sponsors.

I hunt fish fishing apparel

They have a micro fiber that a built in Buff. Yes they actually got the real Buff and sown onto the micro fiber shirt. They attached it inside the colar as well so you can actually tuck it in and the mask will no longer be visible.

Team Marine USA

These guys makes the best venting tool is the business for venting fish. But they have a bunch of other products they want people to check out.

Yes this mean we will be giving out these products as they come in = more free stuff for Saltyshores Newsletter people.

Current news letter sponsor and more are being added weekly: