Sugar Loaf Key fishing photo re-edits, permit and shark fishing, bay boats, canyon bay 2270

April 8th 2010

First let me say thanks for all the happy birth day wishes today and all the birthday Cash that came in the mail. Not! 🙂

This morning first thing I did was to re edit the photos I got down in Sugar Loaf the last couple days. They were embarrassingly way too dark. For whatever reason the laptop I use to edit on the road, shows all the photos bright but when I get home they are all way too dark. I will need to calibrate that display.

A couple answers to questions I got about this shoot:

That is not a nurse shark it’s a lemon shark.
Yes, I was in the water about waste deep holding an underwater housing
Though lemon sharks are not normally aggressive towards human, probably shouldn’t try this at home.(for the record, I probably shouldn’t have either.)
The Camera I used was a Nikon D300 in an Ikelite underwater housing.

This is what they should have looked like