Sharks and Permit out of KOA Sugar Loaf, palolo worm hatch

April 6th 2010

Well today all I had to do was get on the water with a tank of gas and batteries being charged it would’ve been a successful day! I am happy to report that did happened today..yaaaaaaaaaahhh!

We woke up a 6am and started brewing coffee. We were launched idling out by 7:15am this morning. Our mission was to get some bait in the morning then use the bait to get some shark footage before going after permit. We put out the chum bags and got ballyhoo in the slick right away. I was surprised we did not get more jacks and mackerel in the slick however. Going to the ocean side was out of the questions with the 20mph east winds so we fished the bay side again today.

Getting the sharks to come around was not a problem today. Jay and the gang must have caught over 20 sharks include a few over 100lbs. One was a best at 8 feet long that I did not get a chance to witness. I did get a chance to do some underwater shots today of the 100lb ones though. It was pretty cool and at times a little scary hanging in the water bare footed with a pissed off shark!

After I video a few shark eats I decided to head out to do some permit fishing. Jay said he say some yesterday but couldn’t hook up. I didn’t see anything yesterday due to my lack of fuel issue. It was a bit frustrating at first with a few blown shots. Since I’ve been fly fishing a bunch I haven’t had much practice on the spinner. I was also giving a good test to to the new TFO Gary Loomis signature series spinning rod I got a hold of last month. $99.00 with a lifetime warranty, the concept is pretty interesting.

We didn’t give up on the permit though. The intermittent sun kind of put a damper to things every now and then but for the most part we had lots of sun. Our perseverance paid off today. We got two 20lb permit to eat and got some cool pics before letting them go to fight another day.

We called it early as we wanted to get some dinner at the famous Square Grouper. I have to say today went very well considering the frustration that happen to us yesterday. Sometimes things just work out.

Speaking of things working out, one of guys down there just told me about an early Palolo Worm hatch that happened last night. It was a bonus I did not expect this early in the season so I didn’t have any worm hatch fly on me. Things down here are looking great for a change. The water temperature today was 76 degrees… finally!