Spring has Sprung, Photography,Tampa Tat Convention, Upcoming Reviews

It’s been a while since I have written much, or have done any fishing. That’s the norm sometimes, having to balance family, work and other life events can take up a good amount of time, so I have to keep my priorities straight.  That being said, the few times I have been able to get the boat in the water have been fairly productive. In the past month I have seen the flats come alive after a horrible winter.  Trout has been the main target as the redfish have not cooperated for me over the last month. The bite has been pretty steady and these trout are hungry. Hanging in all the typical spots, I have been catching them on a variety of artificial baits.  I have recently been seeing very scattered small bait schools in the bay, including glass minnows and small schools of pinfish, and that seems to have brought the mackerel in, as I have caught a few in six feet of water the past two times on the water.  The mullet have become active all around the flats as well, which is a great sign. I am sure we have finally got out of this winter funk.

Finally, the Wang Anchor  was  tested and it gets my stamp of approval. I have been trying out numerous other products for reviews, including Marsh Works jigheads and soft plastics, Joe Hebert’s Edje weedless hooks, Mirrolure’s new 10 MR prop lure, Dave Hall’s wood plugs, a newEupro rod and Daiwa combo and an SWC moisture wicking hat. I have caught fish with all the above mentioned products, (except the hat :)) . The hat is great, so far. I am waiting to catch some  BIG fish so I actually have some decent photos. These reviews will be up as soon as this happens.  One thing that’s  great about using new products, for me at least, is the fact that it helps me learn new techniques to become more proficient at using artificials in general. That is a major benefit.

Speaking of photos, I have done a bunch of experimental photography as of late; anything from flowers, animals, fish, horizon lines and even tattoos have been my Targets. I will show a couple I am proud of here, but they certainly don’t compete with the more seasoned photographers on this site. All I have really been doing is experimenting with the different features of the Nikon D3000 in different situations. Practice makes perfect.

I hit the 11th Annual Tampa Bay Tattoofest this past Friday, some of my pictures turned out well. If you want to check out the convention review, check the link. I didn’t want to clog up Salty Shores with a tattoo convention review and pictures, so I put it on InshoreInsider.com.

Here are a few pictures I feel turned out well (Please note-No photo editing program has been used on these photos except to sharpen the image, I am still learning to use photoshop properly).

That’s all for now. I have some more wildlife pictures, as well as great pictures of flowers and foliage that will be edited some more, and post them up here. Also, be on the lookout for more product testing and reports, it’s finally time for fishing again!