Miami Tarpon fishing, Keys Bone fish tailing, Tailing sunset bonefish

April 1st 2010

It has been a long last couple days on the schedule. Tuesday after a meeting, I drove down to Punta Gorda to do some product shots for Redzone Apparel. They will be using the catalog type shots to pimp up their website. Nothing too interesting but it will serve it’s purpose.

I then drove down to Miami to fish with my friend Adrian. We took his brand new IPB power boats out and did some night tarpon fishing. We went 1 for 3 on the tarpon that night, not too shabby. By now it’s 1am in the morning and by the the time I got to bed it was 2am. I had to wake up at 5am to be at Don’s Bait and tackle by 630am to meet up with Capt. Raoul and get some voice over with Benny so I could finish the Maverick HPX-T video.

I fished all day with Raoul and Brett in Miami, then drove down to the keys to fish with my friend Alonso at 530pm. We got on some tailing bonefish til sunset and going 0 for 1. Now it was time to drive back to meet my friend Honson to bring back a push pole back to Tampa at 10pm. A quick stop at Pollo Tropical for a dinner at 10:30pm and I was back crashing at Adrian’s house by 11pm. After a shower I was pretty much passed out.

After I update Saltyshores I’m driving up to Melbourne, Fl… 3 hours away. Man this is tiring just typing about it.

Not sure if they came out right or not but here are some photos I manage to edit on the lap top before heading out. I will have more and perhaps got some really epic tailing bonefish video footage for the next SS Newsletter exclusive.