Saltyshores Newsletter, Weather website, canoe

March 30th 2010

The Saltyshores newsletter has added almost 200 more names to the list in a week. We will be adding two more sponsor for the next newsletter. Yes this means more free stuff to give out.

For those that are on on the newsletter list,  click the (web version)  newsletter archive, so you can see the news letter that went out.

I got lots of email about the canoe trip in the everglades this weekend. Most people wanted to know what kind of canoes we were using

One was the Indian River Eagle

The larger 3 man canoe(the one I was in) was an Old Town Predator SS150,

Looking at the up coming weather this week I can say things will be turning on quite nicely. Speaking of weather sites for fisherman you guys should check out

This weather website gives you wind speed, directions, cloud covers, air temp all kinds of cool stuff.

This is the weather forecast for Biscayne Bay but they have it for all over the place.

Yes I’m looking forward to weather like this once again!!