Marine Supply in Winter Heaven, Florida insider fishing report TV, 2010 Maverick HPX-T

March 26th 2010

Yesterday I was again playing catch up.  Besides paying bills and running errands so they won’t turn off my lights and  net access (again), I sent out more photos to publishers. Every once in while it actually works.

I got this printed for the current issue of GAFF magazine. It’s Captain Nathaniel Lemmon with a trout.

In the late afternoon I made the drive over to Lakeland Fl to check out the customer appreciation even at

Marine Supply of Winter Heaven.  With free food, free drinks, free beers, seminars by Rick Murphy, Geoff Page, Jay Withers and vendors, I figured it was a win win win situation. I have to say I was absolutely correct on this one. The place was full of people.  Maverick boat company has a huge following, I bet there was 500 people there.

It was good for the vendors as well. Tom of Wanganchor was there and he pretty much sold out of all the wanganchors he brought over.

If you get a chance to attend this gig you should. It’s an excellent event. They will be having another one in the fall. I will let  you guys know if /when I get a heads up.

photo note: Droid Phone photo.. not too shabby, I will have a review of that phone when I get a chance.

While I as there I bumped into a few of the Maverick guys. The video was brought up and they really loved it. So this means I have to finished the rest in the series soon.
Here is a couple more edited photos from the shoot.

2010 Maverick HPX-T

photo note: I thought is looked interesting. Super high contrast shot with reflective waters, I also took out the background so it has a HOT faded out look. (not the Paris Hilton catch phrase).

2010 Maverick HPX-T

Another thing that was brought up was the new TV show “Florida insider fishing report“. It’s basically the reincarnated Chevy fishing report that went away a year a go. It was a hugely popular show but due to sponsors dropping out it had to shut down. They are back with Rick Murphy and pretty much the rest of the gang and the first airing is April 8th on Sunshine network.

photo note: this was shot at the Miami boat show this year. I shot it in raw so I could adjust the white balance in post. If you ever taken a photo indoors, at times everything looks orange.  It is because the different type of lighting the camera has to deal with. (fluorescent, tungsten, incandescent, etc)

Florida insider fishing report