Spinner Sharks in fly with Quintin Hall, highlight video from his stock footage he shot this season

March 24th 2010

Man I tell ya, the more I get involved in the business of fishing the less time I seem to have to actually fish!

Well today was a beautiful day outside. I am so use to getting crappy weather everyday I didn’t even have any plans to get out. Too many things to do anyways, so I stayed home and just play catch up.

The newsletter we just sent out Monday went over phenomenal. We had great feed backs from people that did get them. I got emails from two more companies that wanted to help sponsor the newsletter and we grew the optin email list by over 15% in one day! Yes this will mean more free stuff to give out and more real hands on product reviews. I think some of these companies are starting to figure out that social media exposure is good thing after all.

The spinner shark thing I did last week with Quitin Hall was pretty cool.  I never did get any awesome footage on video. I got some, but it just wasn’t really epic if you know what I mean.  Quintin did get me some of his video he has shot this season though. Although it was shot on a consumer model camcorder, except for the wind noise,  it wasn’t too bad. He got some killer stuff on video. Mullet runs, monster jacks and jumping like crazy spinner sharks on fly.

Here is a quick and simple edit I did for Quintin’s website. Basically I just cut some of the cool footage together. Nothing too extravagant but the footage was cool and it gets the point across.

The Youtube Version