Cablz Sunglasses holder Review by Rich Osgood

There have been many items that we have all run across from time to time that we believe are the next best thing. Well that slice of bread for me is a product that Cablz manufactures. Most of us have owned a pair or two of sunglasses. I have owned many and I have also owned many of the holders that you attach to them. Most of the holders are of the cloth type and are very long and dangly. There have been your leather types, chain types and even designer Gucci Link styles! The cloth variety is what most of us are accustomed to. The cloth type has the tendency to get sweaty, oily and very STINKY! You ALL have experienced this!


I was in the Keys a year ago for the Mutton Snapper spawn and I happen to be fishing with my great buddy Captain Chuck Donney. He had these shades on with a piece of wire coming off of them. I jokingly said to him “are you Mark Sosin?” and he responded with NO! Mark Sosin has always tied on heavy monofilament to the backs of his sunglasses to keep them secure to him. This wire piece Chuck was wearing looked identical. I quickly checked them out and new these were the next big thing! I purchased two sets from the local marina we were at. They make a variety of sizes and you can even order custom lengths. There is also a Monoz style made of heavy monofilament.

These things are great. They are made of a stainless surgical steal that is in a clear coat protectant. They are embedded into rubber sleeves on the ends that attach to your shades. I normally give a new item 6-12 months for a true test and I am now going on 11 months. I own the original pairs I have purchased and they still look new. People have asked questions in regards to when I wear hats or Buffs. They flex very nicely into a buff and you can’t tell they are there.  Sometimes they can push your sunglasses off your face when putting on a hood or buff. All you need to do is back the rubber foot off of your shades just a pinch and this allows for even more flex. When I am wearing one pair the others stay in the truck hanging from the rear view. Mistake! Not really. There has been ZERO affect from the sun on these things. I will never go back to the sweat collectors again. These things are here to stay and I feel every outdoorsman should own them.

I have owned the pair in these pictures for almost a year now. Best $13 accessory I have bought in many years!

Capt. Rich Osgood