First Saltyshores Newsletters and Give aways, 2010 Maverick HPX-T video

March 21 2010

Thanks to Adrians hard work, the first issue of  the Saltyshores newsletter has gone out tonight. If you’re reading this in the morning and don’t see it in your inbox then you have not subscribe or check your spam filters.

We also picked out the winners of the some of products we get from the product sponsors of the news letters. The list is inside the newsletter and here. If your name is listed bellow please send me your mailing address so I can get them to you.

The newsletter will only get better and better. Better content  and more product sponsors on board. You will also get exclusive content only available to the newsletter people.

Thanks again Adrian for working so hard on the newsletter.

If you are not getting the newsletter for what ever reason the archive will be posted here a week later.

If you want to join and having issues with the join form here is another form that will work better.

Saltyshores Newsletter

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SaltyShores Newsletter Winners

The following winners:


Congrats to those that were chosen for Newletter Products Give-a-way . Please contact us at with your subscription email address for confirmation and we will get back with you on the proper way to collect what you have won.

Exclusive Saltyshores Content will be on the next Saltyshores Newsletter so keep watch.

The next Product Give-a-way will be a Wang Anchor Stake out pole. Size of your choice!!!

On another note:

The Maverick HPX-T video I did last week went over very very well. I am not sure if the boat had such a buzz about it or  the video was just awesome(just kidding) but that video especially for a product video, has taken off pretty good. It has been played over 1,000 times in the past 5 days which is pretty darn cool.

There will be a couple more video to complete the series on the HPX-T.  It wont’ be as cool as the first video but it will be more informative.

I will be working on more videos with other boats as well.

Again thanks for watching ..look out for more cool stuff from the Saltyshores fishing entertainment center. 🙂