Biscayne Bay Fishing, polarized filter

March 18th 2010

I was already down south east yesterday so I figured I stayed an extra day to fish Biscayne. The sun was out today so there wouldn’t be any issues with the camera lighting like yesterday.(as you can see the photos from yesterday were very gray due to the lack of sun light). The temperature had dropped however and isn’t very good for the fishery down there.

If you have not noticed this is a very very loooooooooooooong winter. As a consequence our Florida fishery is kinda dragging along. We did jump a tarpon early in the morning but besides that nothing much. We saw a nice pod of bone fish but they did not take the fly. The rest of the day was spent hunting but not catching.

Regardless though the lighting was phenomenal for a change so I had to snap a few shots.

Photo note: people some time ask me what filters do I like to use. The only filer I use on nice bright days are the polarized filers. This cuts the glare down dramatically and makes the greens and blues come out more.  As you can see the from me holding up the filter to the camera lens, how dramatic the effects can be.

I guess when you have a big boat like that you have a big dingy to match.