Spinner Shark on Fly Fishing with Captain Quintin Hall

March 17th 2010

With the winds low for a change I wanted to get out. So today I got up at 330am to make the drive over to the east coast of Florida. I was over there by 8am to fish with Captain Quintin Hall and his buddy Capt. Dave Saddler.

One of the cool thing about the east coast is that is so close to the gulf stream. This brings constant life near the beaches. It’s not unheard of to catch sail fish and other offshore species right off the beaches there.

Today we were aiming for Spinner sharks on fly. Usually shark fishing is down deep and far away so you don’t see the eat. However this time of year the spinners sharks are very aggressive and abundant you can get them to take a fly.

Quintin told me it was a bit slow today but to me I thought it was pretty good. We got 4 eats on fly, several on convention and tons of misses. Since we wanted jumps and eats on top of the water the spinners missed a bunch.

Photo notes: it was very cloudy today so the photos lack color but I did manage to get a couple cool eats. Spinner shark jump shots are tough… I think they are tougher to get than Tarpon Jump shots.