2010 Maverick HPX-T Video, Completed, Flamingo, Captain Benny Blanco

March 16th 2010

One of the projects I’ve been working is a video for Maverick and Captain Benny Blanco. This one is of the new HPX-T, the tunnel hull boat they just revamped for 2010. Some of the new improvements for the 2010 is an extremely lighter hull. They redesign the cap so the console is moved up for better flotation and more room for storage. The old tunnel had very limited storage and small live well. They doubled the live well to almost 20 gallons. Plus with the addition of a jack plate it call now runner and idle shallower. Anyone who’s priority is to run super skinny waters this is their dream come true boat.

Video information: The title was me messing around with Adobe After effects and the video was shot entirely in Flamingo aka Everglades National Park.

You tube Version: