Gulf Island Adventure Video Final, Everglades Mothership

March 15, 2010

I finally got around to finishing up the Everglades Mother ship video for Gulf Island Adventures.  This was shot at the mouth of Lostman’s river in the Everglades. We did the trip back in the end of January 2010. Here’s are some photos from that trip.

The video is for the website so it is commercial in nature.  I might make a b-roll cut of all the good times that went on there(R-rated due to all the adult language and beer drinking), casting contest, beer drinking, cursing, talking smack, more beer drinking etc.. lol

The 100 foot mother ship is based out of  Ft.Myers Florida. The range is the Everglades Lostman’s river all the way to Boca Grand, FL (it will be there this summer). The floating hotel , is used not only used for fishing excursions , but for other events as well.  Since it is right on the beach, they tell me it is being rented out to a bunch of spring breakers. (bling! hey idea, we could shoot an MTV house episode there.!)

In my opinion it’s the ultimate in comfort as far as a mother ship operation is concern. I mean we are talking, electricity, hot and cold water, separate bathrooms, showers, kitchen, 70″ screen satellite  TV,  washer dryer, kitchen, and a I probably missed a bunch.

Gulf Island Adventure Video. They will be using it on their website. Could use some more holding up fish footage. I guess I could add it later.

Youtube Version. If you like it please rate it 5 stars. thanks!:

I promise the B-roll cut, though it will be R-rated, will be much much more entertaining!