New Water Boatworks Stilts, Dons Bait and Tackle, Tundra recall, Windows 7 Upgrade

March 14th 2010

Saturday since it was blowing the usual 20mph I did more catching up. I finally had time to get through some mail, (no not emails). Low and behold my truck is on the recall list for the sudden acceleration that was all over the news a few months a go. Not that I am having any issues currently but better safe than sorry I guess, I will have to find time to get that repair under the warranty.

I am currently running Windows Vista on one of the desktop and decided to upgrade to Windows 7 64bit. The install went smoothly but let me warn you. If you planning on doing it make sure you have plenty of time on your hand that day. I have 8 gigs of ram and still took 3-4 hours to complete.

While browsing around yesterday one of my RSS Feed is the Don’s Bait and Tackle website. I got Ashley started with a simple website and he’s just going crazy plugging it with some great content.  One of the links he put up was about a really cool looking boat by New Water Boatworks out of Texas. Bellow is of the stilt model. It would be awesome skiff for Florida! Looks like it was made to fly fish out of.

New Water Stilt-Skiff
New water boatworks Stilts