Antique Fishing Lures, Hall em In lures, Best buy at the Frank Sargeant show

March 11th 2010

One of the more unique lures company out there is the Hall em In lure company. David and his father hand makes these antique looking lures from scratch out of Orlando, Florida. They could have used cheaper alternative but they make the fine lures out of Spanish Cedar and the finish just looks awesome. They are made to catch fish. The hooks are super strong, the lure are hand finished and made to last. He showed me a few that had been used in the field and they had barely a scratch on them. They are almost too pretty to use.

I got a couple to try out next time I’m out plugging. Now if this dam weather will ever cooperate, I might get to go fish every now and then again.

With 20-25mph winds from the south the last 2 days, I had to cancel plans of getting offshore down in the Keys.

I made a little clip of the lure as they too

I was at the Sargeant show for the 3 days and the only thing I bought were these pliers. It’s machine aluminum, cuts braid no problem,  replaceable blades, comes with a lanyard and a holster. They are pretty much the exact replica of the $129 Accurate pliers. They had these at the show for $29.95.  I bought two of them.  As far as I’m concern these were the best deal at the show.

You can get them on line at you might have to call them as it is not on their website.)