The Gary Loomis Story Video, Drake fly fishing film tour.

March 9th 2010

Yesterday I took Dave Teper of fame out to some fishing in Tampa bay. Dave being a pure fly fisherman that was all we brought along. We had shots at a 30lb cobia early, but all we had on was a redfish fly so no take.

The weather was awesome out there today. It has been unusually cold here in Florida but today it was nice bright and sunny with the temperature in the 70’s. We saw lots of reds but for whatever reason, today they did not want to eat. They were just hunkering down on the mud flats and just did not want to move until we spooked them.

A couple or Droid photos.
Film tour at the Tampa Pitcher Show

Dave w/ a Quesadilla at Little Harbor. Tide was slack so we decided to grab lunch.

Last night I was at the Fly fishing film tour a Tampa Pitcher Show. Excellent showing of almost 200 people that showed up to show their support. I hope to have a cool film for next years tour.

Here is a 30 second clip I manage to put together of the Gary Loomis Story. Gary is a very easy edit as he is very smooth and well polished.