G.Loomis Story video Part 1 Completed, Gary Loomis Story, How Gary Loomis got into rod building

March 9th 2010

The Gary Loomis Story part 1 video.  How Gary got into rod building back in the Day. He’s an excellent story teller. A  very amusing story. I hope you enjoy the first segment.

“I don’t sell my wife, I don’t sell my kid,  I don’t sell my dog and I surely won’t sell you my fishing rod.” – Garry Loomis

After leaving Shimano, Garry is currently working with Temple fork outfitter.  The result is, TFO has come out with a series of rods using the North Fork Composites (Gary’s new company) blanks. It will be marketed under the Garry Loomis signature series. The rod will sell for $99.00 with a life time warranty. The handles are color coded according to their action. Gold for medium, and silver for medium light etc.

They had some at the Frank Sargeant show but I have not personally used one. It does sound good on paper though.

The Youtube Version

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